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similar to my best songs ever list, this is a non-complete, ever-updating lest, and is not absolute. it simply aims to showcase youtube (or other online) video contributions (or at times a multi-part series) that are incredibly formative, influential to me or any number of communities, transgressive in its creation, incredibly creative, or any/all of the above. they are listed with their date added instead of their creation, and while there's no special indicator as with that songs list, this is just as exclusive of a grouping.

added '24 may 1
Everything Is Sludge: Art in the Post-Human Era
Lily Alexandre
added '24 apr 22
Do Chairs Exist?
added '24 feb 7
Doodling in Math Class: DRAGONS
added '24 feb 4
How to Give Yourself a Name
added 2023 dec 11
I Emailed My Doctor 133 Times: The Crisis In the British Healthcare System
Philosophy Tube
added '23 dec 11
The Bob Emergency: a study of athletes named Bob, Parts I & II | Chart Party
Secret Base
created by hand, by nat!

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