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'24 feb 21: Slide – George Clanton
a wonderfully hypnotic and nostalgic fusion of vaporwave aesthetics and oddball pop fun, even if its middle jolts back and forth a bit in an off-kilter way—but its majority is atmospherically lush
'24 feb 15: Crest – Bladee & Ecco2k
somehow uplifting in plucky imagery of arrowheads, death, and discarding the self; it's no masterpiece, but how they mesh together on something so soothingly pastoral in its high-pitched ether is lovely
'24 feb 15: G.A.S. Get a Star – Undo K From Hot
cool sounds in a directionless heap; tracks like the opener, 750 dispel, and moments across the final leg have enough dense complexities to stay heavy, but it never excels too much at its freneticism
'24 feb 13: songs – Adrianne Lenker
simplistic and ephemerally pretty, its poetry apparent but ageless; it is a soothing listen that nudges towards repetition well in the finger-picked harmony and lenker's perfectly matching vocals
'24 feb 12: going...going...GONE! – hemlocke springs
a wonderfully upbeat and personable synth spree, indebted but never derivative of 80's and 90's synth-and new wave; her vocal style adds a lot of unique flair, and even with tepid blemishes it shines well
'24 feb 8: Chernobyl, mini-series
super effective in humanizing amid catastrophe, and the political behind-the-scenes is endlessly intriguing, especially in how the cinematography frames it; just overall impressive, and emotionally dense
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